About Us

We do what our clients expect us to do, and settle their claim. We work with our clients, not against them, so that they get the best compensation. We do it fast because we believe that making innocent people wait only makes a bad situation worse.

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We have years of experience dealing with road traffic accident claims. We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies and individual clients. With insurers and claimants. Over the years (oh, so many years) we have seen enough of the bad habits and far too many clients being treated unfairly.

That’s why we started Rapid Claim. We wanted to give people a way to get their claims settled fast and fair so that they can get on with their life.

Rapid Claim Values
  • Improve Knowledge For All
  • Give Hope That Things Will Get Better
  • Get Things Back to How They Were
  • Make it Fun
  • Make it Stress Free
  • Make You Better
  • Keep it Simple
  • Save You Time
  • Give Quality Service
  • We Know the Law and How it Works
  • We Know the Car Repair Industry and How to Use It
  • You’ll Always Get Honest Advice From Us That You Can Trust
  • We Have Built Up Years of Experience in the Field
  • We’re Creative and Always Looking For New Ways to Make Claiming Easier For You
  • If it’s Important to You it’s Important to Us
  • We’re Committed to You and Your Claim
  • We’ve Fine Tuned Our Negotiations to Make Sure You Get the Fullest Compensation
  • We’re Respected by Others in our Field

Our Story

The idea for Rapid Claim came in early 2018 when two new colleagues got to know each other. We had different backgrounds, one used to working for insurers (defending claims that were made) and the other working for innocent people who had been in accidents. We exchanged stories, saw things from a different perspective and we both agreed. The claims industry just isn’t fair to people.

So we put our heads together and, used what we knew about our areas of expertise and took the best parts of both and what we came up with was Rapid Claim. Our company puts you at the heart of everything we do. Insurance companies don’t want to pay you anything, and solicitors just want to squeeze every penny they can from you. We do things differently. We push the insurance company to get you the best compensation and we give you 100% of your compensation. So when we say “No Win No Fee” that means no fee ever.

Our values and beliefs mean that first and foremost we do what is in the best interest of our clients. That always comes before profits. We believe that when you offer great service everything else just comes together which is why service is what we focus on. And using our contacts in the industry we have a great support team of companies we can use to get you through every step of the claims process with no fuss, great service and getting you the result you deserve.

Car crash claim specialists

Our Mission

To be the Number One provider of Road Traffic Accident Claim Management Services in Scotland.

We will do this by providing an easy to use service that is fair to the victims of road traffic accidents and we will use our experience and skills to get our clients the compensation they deserve with quality repairs and advice they can trust. And all with as little impact on their life as possible.

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