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Our Services

Service is first and foremost at Rapid Claim.

That’s why we offer you a full service from start to finish with a GUARANTEE  

Claim Management

We will manage your claim from start to finish. So you don’t have to do anything

Car Repairs

Get your car booked in with a reputable garage ASAP. So you don’t have to wait

Courtesy Car

Get a courtesy car that is just like yours, or better. So you don’t have to use taxis

No Excess

We never charge an excess. So you don’t have to wait until payday to start your repairs 

No Deposit

We never charge a deposit for the courtesy car. So you can drive worry free 

No Win No Fee

We never charge you money. So you have no worries about a nasty surprise at the end


Unlike some companies out there, we won’t promise you the world just to get your details. We think that our service is good enough to make you want to come with us without promising you that your case will be settled in a few days. The reality is that making a claim takes time – especially when it’s done right!

The guarantee that we give you is that we will get to work on your claim straight away. If you need any help to get your life back on track, we’ll make that happen as soon as possible. Yes, getting compensation is important, but getting a car you can drive or the medical help you need is more important in the first few weeks after your accident.

Once we’ve sorted that part for you, we’ll know each other a little better and that means that we can get you the right compensation from the insurer. And, we’ll get you there fast using our experience and clout with the insurers.

Putting You First

When we started Rapid Claim we wanted to do something different. That’s why we took a step back from the usual claims system and looked at it from your perspective. We wanted to create something that is designed around our clients and not something that our client’s have to fit around. And so we created Rapid Claim.

The one stop shop

So we came up with the One-Stop-Shop. We think that with this service we will give you what you want and more importantly, put you at the centre of everything we do.

With the One-stop-Shop service from Rapid Claim you will get help from the moment you contact us. Our team of experts will guide you through the steps of your claim, tell you what you can expect and get you the help that you need now – not in a years time like some other companies.

The One-Stop-Shop for accident repairs
car accident claims made simple

Keeping it simple

Another part of putting you at the heart of what we do and how we do it, is keeping things simple. It’s all well and good for experienced lawyers and claim handlers to say “oh you don’t need to know why we do that” or “well, this is just how it has to be”. No explanation offered just an expectation that you will blindly trust them. 

And when they’re not telling you to just trust them, they’re bombarding you with jargon. It’s all “animus possidendi”, “de facto” and  “ex delicto”. I mean if you don’t know the lingo, they may as well be reading from Harry Potter.


Most frequent questions and answers

Normally we would agree with you but this time, there’s no catch. When Rapid Claim deal with your accident, you get your vehicle repaired for free, a like-for-like replacement car and we don’t charge you a penny for this. That’s because we get the money back from the insurer of the driver who caused your accident. Most other companies charge you for this, but we don’t think that’s fair – so we don’t do it

Even when you’re not at fault for an accident, sometimes your insurer will ask you to pay a policy excess. You usually get this back but it can be months before you do. With Rapid Claim, we don’t even charge an excess.So when you claim with Rapid Claim, it doesn’t cost you a penny

The last thing you want to deal with after an accident is shoddy repairs to your car. That’s why we only use approved repairers to work on your car. With Rapid Claim you can be sure that only experienced mechanics will work on your repairs

We’ve all heard about courtesy cars, but unless you have paid for that as an extra on your car policy chances are that you will have to pay a deposit for the car and what you get will e the garage’s runabout – usually a three door. When you come to Rapid Claim we give you a like-for-like replacement that is either same as or very similar to the car you were driving. And best of all, there’s no deposit to pay

No one wants hassle, especially after a car crash. That’s why Rapid Claim make your claim as hassle free as possible. We do everything for you and you will have a dedicated claim manager who will take you through your claim from start to finish

No one wants to make a fuss, but if your car has been damaged in an accident that wasn’t your fault – you deserve to have that repaired as hassle free as possible. That’s why you get your own claim manger when you come to Rapid Claim. They will deal with everything for you so you can get on with your life

This is true, you pay your car insurance just for times like this. Thing is though, when you make a claim against your own insurance, that has an effect on your future premiums. Even if it’s a non-fault claim the likelihood is that next years premiums will be higher because of the claim. When you come to Rapid Claim, it doesn’t affect your policy at all – so you actually save money

When you claim with a large company like your insurer, your claim can get lost in a sea of others. When you claim with Rapid Claim you get your own dedicated claim manager who will know your claim inside and out. They will work hard to get your claim settled as soon as possible, but they will also make sure that everything that needs to be done is done, and as soon as possible. So you will get your car repaired and a replacement straight away, not weeks or months down the line

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