Why is Life Unfair for Young Drivers?

Why is Life Unfair for Young Drivers?
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Young Drivers still pay the highest cost for car insurance but that doesn’t mean you have suffer

I’m going to start off with a bit of bad news. The reason that you pay more for car insurance is that insurers think you are more likely to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately the statistics seem to support this with drivers between 17-24 accounting for over 85% of all accidents involving an injury. The reason the injury part is important is because injury claims cost more money than regular damage or theft claims. Read all the way to the bottom for the answer.

Now I could make this a very boring and very in depth article that explains why younger drivers are more likely to have an accident, but the truth is, even if you are the most cautious driver who has ever lived, your insurer bases your premium on statistical data and it isn’t reflective on you personally. So unfortunately until you reach 25 you are going to be penalised. I have written an article on how you can reduce your premiums which I suggest you read. It has some hints and tips on ways to reduce your standard premium which actually work.

“So what can I do then?” Well, everyone more or less knows what car insurance is, but not many people understand how it works. Fortunately for you, I have worked in insurance for many years and I do understand how insurance works and I intend to pass my wisdom onto you. A teacher once said to me “A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. That always stuck with me, and I hope that you will take what I’m about to tell you and join the Wise Club, the Smart Cookie Club!

The first thing to say is that once your premium has been set, it will not change. So even if you have an accident, make a claim or anything else, your premiums will be the same until your policy renews (usually after 12 months from the date it started). But! If you make a claim on your policy, it will have an effect on the next year’s premiums – even if the accident wasn’t your fault. You could see your premium increase by £19 – £38 a month!

You’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this. Basically, if you don’t have to claim against your policy, then don’t! If the accident was your fault, get a quote from a decent garage and if the repairs will cost less than your policy excess, just repair it yourself. If the damage if so bad that you know it will cost more than your excess – you’ll need to bite the bullet and make a claim.

If the accident wasn’t your fault – then happy days. You have a couple of options. You can get the repairs yourself then send the invoice to the other driver or his insurer. You can go straight to his insurer and ask that they repair the damage. Both of these options come with a bit of work and can take a bit of time. The insurer will want to investigate liability (who was at fault) before they agree to any repairs. So if you have the time to wait this is an option.

What I suggest is that you look for an accident management company who will get your car repaired. Now in my completely unbiased opinion that should be Rapid Claim 🌚 but there are others out there. When you use Rapid Claim we will get your car booked in for repairs as soon as a date is free. We will arrange for a courtesy car to be waiting at the garage and the car will be the same make and model as yours or one that is equivalent.

The best thing is, you don’t need to worry about any arguments with the insurer because that’s what we do. We also don’t ask you to pay an excess for the repairs, no deposit to use the courtesy car. And we don’t take any sort of fee from you – because the other insurer will pay all of our costs. So it’s kind of a Win Win for you.

“Wait a minute. If this is so good, why isn’t everyone doing it?” Well, that’s because not everyone knows they can do it. Also, most companies do take a fee from their clients and that understandably puts some people off. Rapid Claim is a relatively new company but the people behind it have been working in this business for longer than the care to remember, or admit.

We don’t think it’s fair that innocent drivers are forced to pay money or part of their compensation when they make a claim. Especially when the insurer has to pay for all of the damages and our costs. So we don’t charge anything. No Win No Fee is good but No Win No Fee Ever! Now that’s much better.

So download our free Accident Checklist, save our number 0141 343 2411 and if you ever have an accident give us a call before your insurer and you can put us to the test and compare us with your insurer.

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